IVF Doctor in Chembur, Mumbai

IVF doctors in Mumbai - Dr. Manjushri Kothekar

IVF Doctor in Chembur, Mumbai – Dr. Manjushri Kothekar

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment that involves combining eggs and sperm outside the body in a laboratory setting to facilitate fertilization. This method is commonly used to help individuals or couples who are facing infertility issues, including advanced maternal age, damaged fallopian tubes, or failed fertility methods. 

Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s journey to becoming one of the top IVF doctors in Mumbai is nothing short of inspiring. With a stellar educational background from the prestigious Institute of LTMGH, Sion, and a Fellowship in IVF and Reproductive Medicine at NOVA IVI Fertility, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice.

Experience Matters: A Glimpse into Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s Career

Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s professional journey includes pivotal roles at renowned fertility centers like Currae IVF, Cocoon Fertility, NOVA IVI Fertility, and more. Her hands-on experience in managing complex infertility cases and complications associated with Assisted Reproduction sets her apart as a trusted expert in the field.

Unveiling Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s Expertise: Training and Certifications

Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s commitment to excellence is evident through her continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills enhancement. From specialized training in ICSI to laparoscopic procedures and endoscopic skills, she has honed her craft under the guidance of industry stalwarts, ensuring top-notch care for her patients.

Publications & Contributions: A Testament to Excellence

Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s contributions to the field of infertility extend beyond clinical practice. Her research publications in international journals and chapters in esteemed publications showcase her dedication to advancing reproductive medicine and sharing knowledge within the medical community.

Understanding the Process of IVF with Dr. Kothekar

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex process that involves several key stages to help individuals or couples struggling with infertility achieve pregnancy. Here is a detailed breakdown of the IVF process based on the information from the provided sources:

  1. Suppressing the Natural Menstrual Cycle: The process begins with the suppression of the natural menstrual cycle using medication. This step aims to make the subsequent treatment more effective by preparing the ovaries for stimulation.
  2. Stimulating Ovaries to Produce More Eggs: Fertility hormones, like follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), are administered to encourage the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, increasing the chance of fertilization.
  3. Monitoring Progress and Maturing Eggs: Throughout the treatment, the clinic monitors the progress by conducting vaginal ultrasound scans and blood tests. An injection of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is given to help the eggs mature.
  4. Egg Collection: Eggs are collected through a minor procedure where a needle is passed through the vagina into each ovary. This process, done under sedation, takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Fertilizing the Eggs: The collected eggs are fertilized with sperm in a laboratory. In some cases, each egg may be individually injected with a single sperm using a technique called intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
  6. Embryo Transfer: The fertilized eggs, now embryos, are cultured for up to 6 days before being transferred into the womb. This transfer is done using a thin tube called a catheter, a simpler procedure compared to egg collection.
  7. Pregnancy Test and Follow-Up: After the embryo transfer, there is a waiting period of about 2 weeks before a pregnancy test is conducted to determine the success of the treatment. Counseling and support are often provided during this emotionally challenging period.

IVF is a comprehensive and intricate procedure that offers hope to individuals facing fertility challenges, providing them with a path toward parenthood through assisted reproductive technology.

Your Journey to Parenthood

From follicular monitoring to trigger injections and embryo transfer, Dr. Manjushri Kothekar meticulously outlines the steps involved in IVF treatment. With her expertise and personalized approach, she ensures each patient receives tailored care throughout their fertility journey.

Success Stories & Empowering Lives with Dr. Kothekar

Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s compassionate care and unwavering dedication have led to numerous success stories of couples realizing their dream of parenthood under her guidance. Her holistic approach, coupled with ethical standards, makes her a beacon of hope for those navigating infertility challenges.

This is what Patients say about Dr. Manjushri Kothekar:

  • After 9 years of marriage, Dr. Manjushri Kothekar made our dream of parenthood a reality with her exceptional IVF expertise.
  • Thanks to Dr. Manjushri Kothekar, we found hope and success in our IVF journey after years of disappointment.
  • Grateful to Dr. Manjushri Kothekar for her dedication and skill that blessed us with a beautiful IVF success story.
  • Dr. Manjushri Kothekar’s IVF treatment at CURRAE Healthcare brought us the greatest gift – our precious baby.

If you’re searching for the best IVF doctor in Chembur, Mumbai, look no further than Dr. Manjushri Kothekar. To consult Dr. Manjushri Kothekar, visit Chembur Fertility Clinic near Basant Park or contact us at 97693 87593.